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Date: Fri 7/13/12 6:39AM
From: Jock Cabeleira

Message: Hi all, was at 22 field Sqdn Betlehem for basics in '83and then went on to 21 field sqdn for 2nd phase. Was then sent to 24 field sqdn at Rundu from Nov '83-Dec '84. I was also part of ops Askari, was in Caiundo area, spent 114 days on Askari. Any body that remembers me, please get in touch. Can't mention all my army buddies names, as there is quite a few, so, if you remember, pleeeease get in touch. Those Were The Days And My Friends!!!!!!

Date: Sun 8/2/12 6:13AM
From: Ado Krige

Message: I was a PF Instructor in Ladysmith 5SAI Bn 1967-end1970 would like to hear from any troopers who might have photos from Sibaya/ Nikosi bay bush training and our survival courses

Date: Sun 8/9/12 8:13PM
From: Lance van der Westhuizen

Message: I was at Bossiespruit in 1991

Date: Sun 8/12/12 1:33PM
From: Marc van Tonder

Message: Did National Service 1979 / 1980 at 1SSB. Supportee Section in A Squadron.Border duty most of 1980. 61 batallion including "Smokeshell". Section leader was Willie Petzer and 2IC was Trevor Rae. Best time of of my life. Where has everyone gone?? Camps were done with RMR. What jols!!!

Date: Fri 8/14/12 12:28PM
From: deFin Wasserfall

Message: On message 621- 31Battaljon was the old Alpha Group , consisting out of mainly Bushmen with a white leadergroup, same as 32 Battaljon. Never a Ovambo Battaljon! Became 201 Bn in early 80's.

Date: Thu 8/16/12 11:26AM

Message: I was a KPL in 5 SAI Ladysmith natal

Date: Mon 8/27/12 9:29AM
From: Michael B Da Silva

Message: Lance Corporal.85639201 bg/bt 1988-1990. AFB Rundu, AFB Waterkloof. Later worked for Executive Outcomes in Angola 1993 for the air wing. THE DA SILVA CODE (military mayhem)

Date: Sun 6/24/12 5:12PM
From: shaun

Message: 84218437BG i miss those days new we had a home cant say that now sappa reg miss you all

Date: Sun 6/24/12 5:47PM

Message: Dankie vir `n goeie site. looking for ouks from na 21 veld eskadron Bethelehem from 1982-1983. Those who did basics and second phase with me. (80463914BG)

Date: Thu 6/28/12 9:22AM
From: Kevin Viljoen

Message: Hi all i would like to check my buddies,we did the border duty around Ondanwa and Oshakati,to see if you can remember us being revved.Okankulu etc.I was foxtrot company from 6 SAI.If you can also remember Alpha tower.

Date: Sat 6/30/12 1:45PM
From: Adrian Durrheim

Message: Looking for any photos of Cpl Ernst Bendeman's platoon from my basic training at Personnel Services School from Jan 1985 onwards (mine were stolen). Any scanned photo sent to me at would be much appreciated.

Date: Tue 7/3/12 2:22PM
From: Hildie Potgieter

Message: Ek is opsoek na my oorlede man se mags nr - waar kan mens navraag doen? Hy was in die weermag vanaf 1980-1983?

Date: Fri 7/6/12 3:03PM
From: 78230786

Message: Was on the border 1981-82 Great time many ops!! Thanx for great site.

Date: Sat 7/7/12 3:59PM
From: T Ferreira

Message: 5 SAI 1978-1980 C Coy WHERE IS Rooi baard RIP MANNETJIE FOURIE GREYLING ON 16 December Nkongo

Date: Sun 7/8/12 1:14PM
From: A Potgieter

Message: Het diens gedoen 83-85 en was meeste van my tyd in Nepara kamp Sektor 20..het fotos en sal graag wil weet of ander ouens nog fotos het om te deel..

Date: Mon 7/9/12 11:13AM
From: Albert (Ouboet)

Message: Haai aan al die ouens van 3 sai 1983/84. Waar in die lewe is korporaal/ sersant Swannepoel ( swannie ). Hel jy was darm 'n ruller in jou dae. Essie, OJ, Colin, Riaan wie se pa in Wolmeranstad gebly het laat weet en skryf.

Date: Wed 5/2/12 8:53AM
From: Donald Findlay Ferreira

Message: Ek was 'bren gunner" no 1 in 3 SAI Potch vanaf Jan 1977 to Desember 1978. Het grensdiens verrig in Nkurenkuru, Wenela basis, in die Caprivi en Ruakana in 1981 as deel van een van my kampe.

Date: Tue 5/8/12 11:1AM
From: Giel Schoombee

Message: Was in 1978 betrokke in Ops Reindeer - D-Eskn - Walvisbaai. Ons was toe op Omuthiya gestasioneer en was eers Veggroep Juliet voordat 61 Meg Bn tot stand gekom het.

Date: Sun 5/27/12 3:55PM
From: Johan van Rensburg

Message: 5 sai basics. 1981. C Comp.

Date: Wed 5/30/12 8:11PM
From: mark sampson

Message: 7 sai phalaborwa 85 intake . did border duty 86 sector 20 elundu


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