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Date: Thu 06/10/21 2:02AM
From: Richard Gilbert

Message: Great site. Basics 7SAI 1988.Served with Gp42 21 Battalion. Great to see people sharing their tales.Saw one guy Court marshelled marched out of 7SAI after AWOLing.2 years National Service and 2 years D/B. Hemp ripped and Marched right out.

Date: Sun 03/21/21 9:42PM
From: "TRACER"

Message: 80569098BG/BT, 5 SAI, Ladysmith, '81 - '83 This is in rememberance of all "My Brothers in Arms" I trained and served with State-side and in SWA/Angola. These were the best years of my life and the experiences we shared are always in my thoughts every day. May God Bless and keep you all in this life and the next......

Date: Fri 01/8/21 3:14PM
From: Hugo

Message: Ek is op soek na perone wat opleiding in 4 SAI gedurende 1979-1980 ondergaan het. Pelaton 2
Alle foto's is welkom.


Hugo Jansen van Rensburg

Date: Wed 11/4/20 6:53AM
From: Paul Moggian

Message: Great Site.
Served 76 and 77. Basics at 3SAI then Infantry School. Joined 6SAI at Eenhana from Dec 76 to June 77, Bravo Co, platoon 6.We were so young and are the lucky ones who came home. Best wishes to all who served.

Date: Sun 09/13/20 7:57PM
From: Sean Dalton

Message: Served with 6sai,1983 to 1985,any others on site

Date: Mon 07/13/20 8:41PM
From: Martin de villiers

Message: Goeie dag opsoek na vriende wat in 1988-1989 in 1ssb tempe bloemfontein was. HWD COETZEE DANNIE OLIVIER.VAN DER WESTHUIZEN hom altyd wessie genoem. Was laaste manne in suid wes africa oorlog 1989 will graag van vriende hoor.0843176465. Goeie dae manne dit was goeie harde dae.Dankie .

Date: Wed 05/20/20 4:43PM
From: Gavin Burger

Message: 89456685BG - Great site! Anybody out there who served 1991 in 4SAI Middleburg or 61 Base Workshops? Use the links on the left to contact me please.

Date: Fri 02/14/20 4:52PM
From: Igor Ignatovich

Message: Just read your message on our Russian Veterans site. Salute and respect from Russian warriors to SA and SWA veterans!

Date: Fri 11/29/19 2:26PM
From: Mervyn Niemand

Message: 1978-79. services school Voortrekkerhoogte.
JL training at Elandfontein and Palaborwa.
Drill instructor.

Date: Mon 09/30/19 1:48PM
From: Erasmus.Visser (Rassie)

Message: Ek is opsoek na die manne wat saam met my diensplig gedoen het in Walvisbaai 55 Artilirie- 43 BTY - vanaf 1997 - 1981 en daarna saam was was in 61 MEG op die grens en ook deel vas van operasie Protea , Askari en Daisy
Sal bly wees om van hulle te hoor

Date: Sat 07/20/19 8:05PM
From: Gerhard O'Neill

Message: Op soek na 1978 tot 1980 storm pioniers van 5SAI Robbie Hood Sticks Botha en die res

Date: Tue 07/2/19 3:50PM
From: Koos

Message: Waar kan ek weer my ou Weermag nommer opspoor. Ek het my opleiding gedoen in 4SAI 1981/1982. Baie dankie

Date: Tue 07/2/19 1:29PM
From: Stephen

Message: Bourke's Luck Dog Unit - 1989-1990

Date: Sat 06/29/19 9:11AM
From: Michael Marcus

Message: 7 sai. January 74. See full entry above

Date: Sat 06/29/19 9:04AM
From: Michael Marcus

Message: January 74. Think A Co. Drilling on the highway and running off when a car came. We were the first intake and there wasn't a parade ground to drill on. Morning run to BB Ranch. Great memories but no shortage of afkak. From there to 3Sai. Then to Bwabata camp to lay ambush after lieutenant Zeelie got killed. Didn't shoot anyone or get shot and I'm thankful for that.
I hope all the blokes that served at the time got put OK.
Thanks for the website. From Melbourne Australia.

Date: Thu 06/6/19 12:06PM
From: Eddie Petersen

Message: Ek like die site. In 1990 by infantry skool ingeklaar en toe 7SAI toe. Sal daarvan hou om met ou manne weer te praar. Vic Bardone, Bles Kruger.

Date: Sun 03/31/19 3:58PM
From: Alan Exton

Message: I was in the TSC allocated to 54 Medium Workshops and served 22 years in the SADF

Date: Tue 03/12/19 3:09PM
From: Roger Holman

Message: Hey Trompie

Good to see you on this site. Jup. Rooibaard was a law until himself. Great soldier and mentor.

Date: Thu 02/21/19 3:04PM
From: Michael Pym

Message: Hi all! Still remember my force no: 74595596 BG How's that!!
Basics at 11 Commando Kimberley - 1978
Drafted into Cape Flats Commando...Operational area duties 1981 - M'Pacha Sector 70 Caprivi. Was an LMG 1 for the Reaction Force there. Flew quite a few sorties in Puma's..
Back in Caprivi in 1983, this time Wenela Base in Katima. Was a stipper/plotter for mortar platoon. Lotsa memories (i smuggled photos back into the states...but they were stolen in a burglary!

Date: Tue 01/8/19 12:24AM
From: Dawid Gerber

Message: Iname: January 1993
1 Onderhouds eenheid, Diskobolos
Het gekyk na n paar fotos op sosiale media, jissie manne, ons was darem paraat. Kan nie dieselfde sĂȘ vandag nie.


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