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Date: Sat 9/29/12 8:11AM
From: Henry Kruger

Message: Howzit all to the tiffies of 61 LWT 80/81 Chris Wanye Urrie phiffer Albert tazan Rory Bird trever to many more name have not mention,ed. We came boys left men , what a gas we had . Castle buiding with beer tins in the mess ,movies at night under the stars Will be good to hear hows still around .lions in Etoshia ,pythons in trommels .an the old tonkka ,hoy water!!!if any one remembers me H give us a chout 0825562575 will an can never forget

Date: Fri 10/12/12 12:16PM
From: Patrick Cuthbert

Message: Hi, I was in 6 SAI from 88 to 90. Wonder if any of my friends are still around? Nortje, Watson, Hart??

Date: Sun 10/14/12 4:17PM
From: Phyllis Hatting Pienaar

Message: Hi, looking for an old friend, 8 SAI, Upington 1975 WJ Ackermann, was living in Ladysmith KZN at the time.

Date: Sun 10/28/12 7:18AM
From: Braam Coetzee

Message: Hi.. ek is op soek na ouens wat saam met my opleiding gedoen het in 1981 by Wonderboom... email my asb.

Date: Fri 11/7/12 1:29PM
From: Joe Liebenberg

Message: Joe Liebenberg 5 SAI Ladysmith 1981-1983 Eenana Elundu , wonder wat het van Rooibaard hond byter geword. Onthou vir Boucher , Young en n klomp ou pelle

Date: Fri 11/9/12 10:32AM
From: Dominique Espag

Message: Hi all. I am looking for men who served with my father in law. He was on the Angola boarder and later years at 32 veldwerksplaas. Anyone know of this unit? His name was Petrus Johannes Espag.(RSM AO1) He was murder in 2002 would appreciate any help.

Date: Sat 11/17/12 12:10PM
From: Deon RAdemeyer

Message: 79525507 - June 82 intake at 6 SAI ....rememersgt major Goodridge....roll die hakke.......can't we organize a fb site for all those from 6 SAI or reunion...good times won't do it again but glad we did it.....

Date: Sat 11/17/12 8:32PM
From: George

Message: 8 SAI 1976-1981 border duty. Your site brings back some good memories. Thanks Nice Photos manne

Date: Thu 11/22/12 6:56PM
From: Jeff Pooler

Message: Brilliant site bringing back such memories of 5 SAI, Ladysmith (1982-1984). As the OC, Maj. Jock Harris used to tell us: "The best two years of your life you never want to do again!" Other impossible to forget characters: Sgt Maj Jakes 'Rooibaard' Oosthuizen, an incredible soldier and fine fellow loose forward in the 5SAI XV; S/Sgt Gary Meyer; Maj. John Moxham: S/Sgt vd Linde; Cpl Deysel (PTI), tough as teak. Real men from a real army.

Date: Fri 8/27/12 7:09PM
From: jason j page

Message: i remember rooibaard i was in charlie companu 1982-1984

Date: Fri 8/27/12 7:12PM
From: jason j page

Message: did 2 years on the border.Ombaluntu,musese;RuacannaCaprivi striposhakati,Hurrican air base

Date: Thu 8/30/12 8:35PM
From: Carl Bekker

Message: 82503517BG

Date: Fri 8/31/12 12:00PM
From: Malcolm Thomas

Message: Great site - 1973 - 1974 B Company 2 SAI - Walvis Bay. Camps with 1st Battalion Transvaal Scottish. Malcolm Thomas nickname 'Jumbo'-would be great to hear from you (71444897)

Date: Tue 9/10/12 9:15PM
From: Mark David Watson

Message: 85210581BG 86/87 3SAI O-Company Mortar Platoon "Best Mate's I have ever met and made" we kak'd all the way, two years from Potchefstroom to SWA and Angola, ....never to be forgotten! Band of Brothers

Date: Mon 9/16/12 1:03PM
From: Rob moffat

Message: Was at Katima Mulilo(Wenela) in 77,Rundu 79 and Ondangwa 82 all 3 month stints,The SADF really got their pound of flesh,never regret it though,East Caprivi was unbeliveable and our biggest enemy was the elephants that roamed the bushes when we walked patrol.Remember how hot it was during the day and then at night when you wanted to bed down the heavens opened and you got soaked through.

Date: Fri 9/21/12 12:05PM
From: R.Gilbert

Message: 1988- 1990 Did basic 7sai. Then transfered to 21 battlion GP42 Tak Mag. To freinds i severed with.

Date: Sat 9/22/12 6:54AM
From: craig mccullagh

Message: was at 24 field rundu 86 to 88

Date: Sat 9/22/12 8:07AM
From: Maruis Nell

Message: Dag se julle almal. Ek was in 10 Art Brigade gewees in 86 en 87. Het Jan 86 ingeklaar en Des 87 klaargemaak. Is daar enige iemand wat ook daar was in daardie tyd. Wie kan vir Sampie Claassens ounthou?

Date: Fri 9/28/12 10:18PM
From: Chris ackermann

Message: 79451985BG L/CPL Chris Ackermann looking for those who served in Sector 20 RUNDU COM-OPS 1984-85

Date: Wed 7/11/12 7:11PM
From: Leinad

Message: Wonder Waar Korporaal Daniel Hulley hom vandag bevind.Hy't ons goed op ge^%$#@ maar n ware gentleman 1982/3 KIMBERLEY.


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